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Well, folks, the Olympics start today, so what better way to celebrate Rio 2016 then with art?!

Here we have a fantastic piece by Leroy Neiman titled Montreal Olympic from 1976. Its bright colors and loose brush strokes capture the excitement and movement of the Olympic Games. In the center of the piece, we see a bunch of different nations represented, including but not limited too: the United States, France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Japan, the U.K., Israel, Greece, Brazil, and many others. This vast representation of nations is surrounded by athletes participating in different events of the games captured in a snapshot like format. Some of the events pictured are Equestrian, Track and Field, Swimming, and Basketball. The interesting thing here is that Neiman painted these events in different individual paintings so that the event could be appreciated for the power and hard work of the athletes on its own. This eye popping color scheme is a fantastic balance between cool and warm colors, bringing the chaos of the brush strokes and subjects to a harmonizing balance. It allows the eye to scan the painting without becoming tired or strained, but rather pleasing and complimentary to the viewers point of perspective. It is very hard to capture the energy and excitement of the Olympics, but Neiman does it beautifully with his Montreal Olympics, a true treasure of art and stunning display of sportsmanship.

With that, I am looking foreword to the Rio games, (hoping they don’t get cancelled halfway through) and may your country represent you with the utmost of class and pride!

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