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Why, ISIS, Why?!

Ok, so for my first Media Monday (While waiting for the Aaron Hernandez trial verdict to arrive), I thought I would bring up the tragic issue of the organization named ISIS (or ISIL or IS whichever you prefer) destroying artifacts and pieces of art that are thousands of years old. This morning, I was horrified to learn that ISIS used explosives to destroy the ancient city of Nimrud in Iraq in the name of god. (DISCLAIMER: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST ISLAM OR ISLAMIC PEOPLE, HOWEVER I DO HAVE AN ISSUE WITH PEOPLE WHO DESTROY ART). ISIS believes that the items including statues, relief carvings, and museum collections need to be destroyed due to their pagan god worship of the past. In my opinion, this is not justification, nor will it ever be, to destroy art. Art is not just something pretty to look at; it documents the culture of the earth and tells art historians and archeologists about life in ancient times. With every statue destroyed, another educational and archeological resource is lost forever. These artifacts had just begun to be studied and understood, but it was a risk people in the industry knew about due to modern events in the middle east, and the fear of this happening was real. Every time I watch the videos of ISIS on the news destroying an ancient city a piece of me dies inside. This is our culture. Whether we are from Iraq or not, we are all human and record our cultures through art and architecture.  These artifacts need to be saved, not destroyed.

For more information on why ISIS is destroying art, watch this CNN video

CNN Video on ISIS and Art

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