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ITS AN INVASION!! just kidding! This weeks freestyle friday is about aliens in art!

Ok, so, as some of you read yesterday, I was watching Ancient Aliens on H2, and they started talking about aliens in medieval art. I was like “Huh… my readers might like that!” But it’s just not medieval times that aliens are seen in art; it can be traced back all the way to the ancient Maya of Meso-America! Some alien researchers belive that the Mayans were given knowledge by aliens so that they could build their pyramids so precisely to astronomical events. Others believe that what ancient people thought of as God was really aliens coming down from space, not the heavens. Weather you believe this or not, the theories are out there, and yes, they even spill into the world of art history!

One of the earliest examples of possible extraterrestrial art is the famous Nazca Lines. These HUGE geogliphs have lasted thousands of years undamaged, line up to specific constellations, and have pinpoint mathmatical precision and measurements. (see? isn’t it a fun monkey!?)


As we continue through time, we see examples of a possible spaceship on the sarcophagus of king Pakal from the city of Palenque in the Mayan empire. Now, the image, according to traditional art history, is that of Pakal ascending into the next life through maze and other ritual practices. But some people believe it shows him sitting in a pod-like spacecraft that is pedaled up into space!


Another theory that feeds into aliens in art is that, across the globe, gods and goddesses are all based off of the same image; for example, the feathered snake in the Mayan culture is similar to the Chinese dragons seen in ancient China. Coincidence? Maybe…. Maybe not!  As the middle ages approach, there have been claims of Jesus and God adjusting Sputnik and little cherubs flying around in space pods (Hmmm new painting idea?!) which look like something out of The Jetsons!


Now, we could go into theories that Noah survived an atomic blast, but I think that is a discussion for another day. In the medieval period, religion was king, and art was used as religious teaching because the mass population could not read.  But did they need to read when they had this alien technology? Could Charlemagne have had a hover car? we will never know, but there are pieces of evidence in art if you look close enough!

Let me make it clear that I DO believe in life on other planets, but I do not think these pieces of evidence are solid enough to cement a theory — but I accept people that do think so!

So what do you think? Are these really aliens in art that provide evidence of extraterrestrial life? Did I miss an important clue? let me know in the comments below, and we can share our alien sightings in art together!

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