Ok, can we chat for a minute?!

ok, here I am watching an episode of Ancient Aliens, and they are saying aliens and spacecraft are showing up in medieval art! I think it’s a stretch even though I wonder about life on other planets. What do you guys think? Post your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for an alien-featured freestyle Friday! Do you guys think there are aliens in ancient and medieval art? If so can you point them out to me? I’m open to anything!

2 thoughts on “Ok, can we chat for a minute?!

  1. I think that show damages people’s brains. Seriously, don’t watch it! I think there are mythological creatures, actual creatures, symbolic creatures (like griffins, sphinxes, seraphim, etc.), and then like… attempts at depicting things that the artist had HEARD OF but never actually seen. For an example of the latter, there are some medieval or early Renaissance tapestries that depict “lions.” They don’t actually look at lions, but you can imagine that if you’d never seen a picture of a real lion before, but had to draw one just from the way somebody described it to you, you might end up with exactly what’s on the tapestry! Sorry I’m not citing an exact work–too lazy to go sift through my art history texts right now.

    Anyway, I don’t think there are aliens depicted in ancient art, personally, because I don’t think there’s any evidence that aliens have ever come to earth and interacted with humans! I think people who want to believe in aliens just interpret ancient art and mythology according to what they want to see.

    Interesting post though. Lol.


    • Very interesting point indeed! But this post was more of a reaction rather then me proving a point lol. I do agree with you on the lion point because it could be the same when the Spanish introduced horses to the Aztec empire! It is true that during early art paintings were purely artist interpretation and they could only paint what they thought they saw so sometimes natural phenomenon became religious and now people say it’s aliens! And yes if you look hard enough anything can be interpreted as anything 😄 now to make it clear I do believe in life on other planets but like you I do not think they have paid us a visit yet. Thank you for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it very much!


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