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Its Fun to do the wash… IN WATERCOLOR

Hello, everyone!

I know for many this is a long awaited post, and here it is! So, recently, besides school and work, I have been trying my hand at watercolor painting (Thanks toTheFrugalCrafter Lindsay for helping me learn to paint check out her blog at ), so I thought todays painting should be one about watercolors! but, this time, I am letting you guys pick the painting for me to analyze! Post in the comments below or on the facebook page!! (make sure to like the page while you are at it!)

here is the criteria I need:

Needs to be over 20 years old

Artist Name

Date painted

Country of origin of painting

Picture of the work

and needs to be in the relm of  open stock images!

Cant wait to see your submissions!

-The Art Historian

3 thoughts on “Its Fun to do the wash… IN WATERCOLOR

  1. I am sorry I don’t have all the criteria. But here you go.
    Artist name; William turner
    Painting; snowstorm
    It was painted in 1842 and a painting of the romantic time. I love this one.


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