Q and A

First off, I apologize for not posting yesterday (it is the beginning of finals for me, so my life is a bit hectic!), but since today is a cold, muggy, drizzly, blah day in boston, I thought I would do something different than my normal post!

I am going to have a Live Q and A with me and you (the lovely readers!) about what I do in art history and other random things you guys want to ask me (I will not answer the obvious: where i live, whats my phone number, or my last name blah blah blah stuff) The Q and A will be done through the comments of this post starting at 11:30 and will continue to 3 pm EST.

Can not wait to answer your questions!


2 thoughts on “Q and A

  1. I’ve figured out you’re an Art History student, but what year are you in? Are you doing any museum work? Do you intend to, and if so, what kind?

    Just curious because I also am an Art History student, and it’s nice to see what others (especially in different areas) are up to.


    • Sorry for the delayed response! I took a longer nap then expected! I am a junior and plan on getting a doctorate right out of undergrad. I am not doing museum work now but plan to very soon in the would of curating! I love art from 1870 to 1950 and like renaissance art too 🙂


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