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So this is what I look like at the mall on Black Friday….

The Scream

So, this is me on black friday at the mall…. JUST KIDDING! it’s The Scream By Edvard Munch! (I would insert a pic of me imitating this but i didnt catch it when I was at MoMA and saw it in person. sorry) This very famous image just sold for a whopping $119,922,500 (see source at end of post) at Sotheby’s auction house, and has become a staple for the definition of modern art. It is not a comforting image, and it is not ment to be. there are bold contrasting colors of orange and blue, which seem to add to the distortion of lines, which make it an unstable image. Now there are 4 versions of this painting, each a bit different (mostly the figures in the background are different). Now, personally, I love this piece because it’s bright, bold, and, quite frankly, scary and disturbing — especially when you have knowlage that the face of the scream could have been based off of an inca mummy (yep a mummy!). The red in the sky is like the color of blood as if it was smeared on the sky after a murder. The blues create a sence of unease yet comfort and are the stabilizing hues of the image. The main figure crying out in agony about the world around them creates a blood curtling scream in the viewers mind. This is truely a special piece that is viewed once in a lifetime.

Link to Sales number

2 thoughts on “So this is what I look like at the mall on Black Friday….

  1. I’ve always been a fan of this painting, but when you gain a little background, I find some of Munch’s other paintings much more disturbing. I can’t remember the name, but I remember a particular painting of a funeral, presumably of a tuberculosis victim. It conveyed the isolation we impose on ourselves so well, without being mushy or sappy about suggesting we seek each other out for comfort. You’ve reminded me I want to learn more about Munch’s life!

    Interesting info on the sales, by the way. I never keep up with that sort of thing, but perhaps I should.


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