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A Feast to Remember


Hello, everyone! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! In honor of thanksgiving, today I will be talking about Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want. Now, I’m sure you have seen many parodies of this over the years, but let’s focus on the original! There are eleven figures in the painting: two are the main figures holding the turkey (or tofurkey if you are vegan or vegetarian) and nine are sitting at the table. Let’s start with the figures around the table. They all look like “Ideal” Americans sitting and interacting on a very American holiday that celebrates the pilgrims and native americans eating together in peace. The kids are smiling, and people are leaning in to hear the multiple conversations about what they are thankful for in their lives. But, if you look at the bottom right-hand corner of the print, there is a man looking directly at the viewer as if we were at the table with him and had something to say. What would you say to him? (tell me in the comments below!) Now, back to the two figures at the head of the table. They are clearly the elders of the table who have been working hard for all the other generations at the table to be able to have this feast. But it also shows gender stereotypes, as the elderly woman is holding the food (which she most likely cooked) while the gentleman is looking at the food that was made for HIM. Now, there are many more sterotypes in this, but thats not the important part of today (to focus on stereotypes). Today is to focus on what we are thankful for (like I am thankful for all my readers out there!) and be greatful for what we have

So, happy Thanksgiving from the bottom of my heart!

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