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The Woman Wih the Mysterious Smile


Ok, so, it was about time I analyzed a painting as famous as this… oh, wait, there is no painting as famous as this, because this is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. She has confused art historians with her puzzling smile and hidden her identity for centuries. Who is this Mona Lisa? We will never truly know. Now, look at the painting very closely. Is she smiling or not? Was she married? (I see no ring!) Where is she? These are all questions this painting has posed on the world of art history. Now, I am not all-knowing and will not be answering these questions, (but you are welcome to in the comment sections, if you would like to) but I will be talking about the painting itself. There is one figure in the painting who is sitting on the diagional plane with her arms crossed. She has very natural browns, greens, and beiges as her main color palette, with a light source on her chest and the light highlighting the bottom of her face. the background landscape is extremely detailed, with a river bank and a forest of trees that have a matching color palette.  The figure has very defined lines, while the background (at least to me) has a hint of impressionist techniques (the looser brushstrokes). Now, I know there is many a controvercy about the painting — like is it a self portrait of DaVinci, that the elbow is damaged, or that it has secret codes — but thats all part of the fun about the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci; she is there as a painting, but also a fun code to crack.

2 thoughts on “The Woman Wih the Mysterious Smile

  1. I was reading in Dan Browns book ‘The DaVinci Code’ that the Mona Lisa was supposed to be androgynous with male and female facial features. It’s probably not the most reliable source, but it is an interesting way to approach the work!


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