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Man vs. Machine


Hello, everyone! Sorry for such a late posting (its 4:40pm here in Boston!). I’ve just been super busy preparing for thanksgiving and finals week! ANYWHO, today I wanted to focus on the painting Danseuse, painted by the futurist painter Gino Severini. I personally love this painting and came across it when I was reading the article “Art Sales: Russians help boost prices” from The Telegraph newspaper (see link at bottom of page for the origional article). The first thing to catch my eye was the bold and bright colors of the dancer on stage. It is a true rainbow of colors with reds, blues, and yellows with some greens on the bottom. The figure and her skirt are distinguishable and yet seem to blend into the background at the same time. The figure of the ballerina is made up of cylinders, spheres, and other geomentric shapes that are slightly manipulated to create the image. This was a popular futurist practice, because the futurists basically said that everyone should worship the automobile, fire all art teachers, and burn museums (now, I am not going to have tea with them anytime soon, thank you very much!). But this thought brings me to the reason behind the title of this post: no man made machine can be as perfect as the human body PERIOD. As a dancer myself I push the limits of the body every day, and I have yet to see a robot that can do the same things I can with my body. But, to the futurists, machine was valued over man. But back to the painting… The main figure has her leg in the direct center line of the painting, but her body creates a diagional from the top of her head to her hips to the gentleman watching the show below. The eyes that are missing are a minor detail, as it is still reconizable that the two figures are looking directly at eachother. This is a wonderful gem of a painting that shows the human body as if it was a machine that will never be able to be completed.

Do you think that man can make a machine as perfect as the human body? write what you think in the comments

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