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A Study in Hand


As I was sitting in my room at my desk today I was thinking about what to blog about next. then I remembered that I had to finish my choreography homework and work on my hand gestures! HANDS! that’s it! Despite driving my boyfriend nuts about hands in art I thought it would be nice to sit down and talk about the body part we take for granted, our hands! This beautiful sketch called “Study of Hands” by Leonardo DaVinci is a prime example of how much detail an artist can put into the drawing of hands. Here we see two hands, one opened and one closed. Although there is no color in this sketch the details are very clear. You can see the every lump of the knuckle  and the curve of the fingernail. The bony connection to the wrist and the ligaments connecting the fingers can clearly be seen with the position of the hand. The shadowing and the highlighting of the skin shows texture and portrays a hand in motion rather then a hand just posed and still. The fingers are long and bony yet still have a delicate touch as if the hands are embracing the paper. These hands look like they are from someone who works and have worn down the skin on the palm of their hand, you can see the bulge of callus at the bottom of the fingers of each hand. every day we use our hands for many things (blogging like I am now, writing, opening things, touching things, and of course creating things!) that we forget how important our hands are and how dependent we are on them! So ladies  go get a manicure (or a nice scrub of the hands for the guys out there!) and give your hands a little love like Leonardo DaVinci did in his “Study of Hands

One thought on “A Study in Hand

  1. You know, I hadn’t considered how much I used my hands until you mentioned it. Still… So much attention to detail. It drives me nuts 😛 But attention to detail is what makes a great art historian, eh?


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