A Woman in Nature

Two nudes Frida Kahlo

This work “Two Nudes in a Forest” by Frida Kahlo has many natural, earthy tones like browns, muted greens and blues. The focus is on the two figures in the right panel, one brown and one with lighter skin, that lend a multicultural tone to the painting. Some people believe that in this painting the two women represent the two sides of Frida: the European American side and the other is her Mexican heritage. If you look at the foot of the darker figure it, is placed next to roots in the ground which could confirm the thought of her being rooted in her Mexican heritage. There is also a monkey observing the figures. This could be a representation of the public looking at her in the two faces she has in the public eye.  Others believe that this painting is an expression of Frida Kahlo’s lesbian side. By having the two figures naked and both being women, the viewer could be drawn into seeing the painting as a representation of Frida’s known bisexuality. It is an intimate pose of affection and it also connects the two figures to the nature behind them. This is a visual expression of showing that love between females is natural and not to be criticized. With the natural colors and packed symbolic meaning, it is a message that Frida wanted everyone to see and relay to the world.

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