NYC museum crawl a summary!

So today I hit 3 museums in under 7 hours! I started with the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the feminist art center and the piece “the dinner party” as well as an exhibit of work by the female artist Wangechi Mutu. I thought that Mutu’s work was a nice refreshing take on collage art and I loved her different mediums to create texture as well as complicated abstract images of the human form. The next thing I saw was the piece called “The Dinner Table” it is a large piece of art where a table in the shape of a triangle has plates representing influential women in history as if they were at the dinner table. It was a smaller piece then I thought it would be but it was impressive none the less. The details of each representation were fantastic and really fit the women they represent. It is also very colorful!
After my adventure was over I took the number 2 subway to Times Square and made my way over to MoMA! MoMA is one of my favorite museums to go to so I knew I would have fun! I first went to visit the permanent exhibit because I had work to do for a research paper. I saw paintings by Van Gogh, Miró and Picasso (all to be featured in next weeks posts!) then I went to eat at the nice cafe on level 2 I highly recommend it!! After indulging myself in modern art and food I went to see the Rothkos and Pollocks and I was like a kid in a candy store I was having so much fun interpreting the complexities of abstract expressionism!
Ok so enough about me acting like a fan girl and back to my museum report!
After MoMA I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art via cab. I must say much of the museum was closed off (period rooms, some of the contemporary galleries, part of the ancient world exhibits and the costume gallery) but still it was fun! I saw armor of knights, an Egyptian temple, modern masterpieces, medieval manuscripts and more! This is not my first time to the met but I love it all the same!
And for those wondering yes I went shopping at the gift store I bought a history of art umbrella, a Piet Mondrian drinking glass, and a pair of elephant earrings!
All in all it was a very successful trip and museum crawl!
Look foreword to my next post featuring artworks I saw on my adventures in New York City!

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