So after being M.I.A. for a while (which I apologize for!! Finals and midterms got the best of me! I plan to go back to my tri weekly posts starting this Monday the 14th) I decided to make my comeback post on something I love, medieval manuscripts. This particular manuscript Psalter and Hours of Bonne of Luxenbourg is one of the most stunning examples I have ever seen. The beautiful blue and red backgrounds contrast the stunning figures representing life and the three stages of death. I want to focus on the three decomposing figures on the right hand side of the manuscript. They represent the three stages of decomposition, the one on the far left just joining the underworld while his two decomposing “friends” look at him as their flesh barely clings onto the pale gray colored bones waving in the cold dead breeze. The contrast of this illumination is nothing more then stunning, the tight lines define the large blocks of bold color that make figures like death stand out and grab the readers just to remind everyone an illumination is a painting done on parchment for a medieval manuscript, these are not your every day book illustrations, they are often commissioned by the church for extremely important documents and were often painted using precious metals like silver and yes even gold! I wish my hobbit book had real gold pages but that’s another story for another day. Now one thing someone might notice is that this illumination is very flat and has no sense of depth and that is not uncommon due to twisted and portrait perspective to give the most surface area to important figures. This manuscript is a prime example of pieces of art that are often forgotten in the pages of time in the large book of humanity. MAN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK BLOGGING!!!!

Comments!!! Love to hear them

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