Draw Me Like One of Your Dutch Girls!


This is my favorite drawing of all time PERIOD. What is it you might ask? It’s a drawing of Saskia Van Uylenburg by none other than the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijin. This drawing was done in 1633 as dated on the bottom of the drawing. The caption underneath the drawing says: “This is drawn after my fiancée, when she was 21 years old, the third day of our betrothal, the 8th of June 1633” (Slive 16). This drawing done in silverpoint, (Silverpoint- Noun, a technique of drawing with a silver stylus on specially prepared paper like vellum) is a simple and fast sketch that catches the true bliss of the beginning of a marriage (F.Y.I. I’m not married so I can only guess!). Her relaxed pose shows her comfort while being with Rembrandt as well as her informality with her new husband. Who could ever think that a few simple strokes of a silverpoint pen can create such beauty? Well since this is one of the only real likenesses of Saskia we can only guess her true beauty through this sketch. There are three reasons this is my favorite drawing of all time: 1) Saskia’s beautifully drawn eyes draw the viewer into her and make them think about what she is thinking while being drawn. 2) The fantastic details like the sun drooping flower and the curve of the brim of her hat to her fascinating Mona Lisa like smile. And 3) The emotion that this drawing gives to the viewer. The emotion of happiness and calmness can clearly be seen here and it is very clear that Rembrandt cared about this woman and loved her very much (I wish I had a boyfriend who would sketch me like this! Anyways back to the drawing. . .). Whether you like the artist Rembrandt or just like looking at beautiful things, Saskia Van Uylenburg by Rembrandt is perfect for everyone wanting some happy and relaxing time with a beautiful woman.

Works Cited:

Slive, Seymore. “Family Portraits.” Rembrandt Drawings. Los Angeles, California: Getty Publications, 2009. Page 16. Print.

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