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Grab Your Sunday Paper and Enjoy it With a cup of Genius and Simplicity!


One cup Genius, Three cups Simplicity and a huge helping of abstraction, what does this create? Mark Rothko and his painting No.3/No.13.
Now I must be honest and say this first: I was not always a fan of Mark Rothko, I thought his work was strange and that a little kid could have drawn it in his or her kitchen. But then someothing happened while I was sitting at home watching Simon Schama’s: The Power of Art with my dad one evening. Mr.Schama said that in order to expirence Rothko you can not just look at it from 6 feet (2 meters) away but to get up close and perrsonal with the painting (well as close as the museum security will let you!). Rothko wanted to give the viewer and expirence not just a pretty painting. This painting will consume you, from its deep black to its very lovely and rare white stripes (Rothko never used white paint) Rothko’s No.3 / No. 13 is a very special painting. With its radical abstraction of simplicity there is no real “subject” for this painting but rather a unique expirence for each viewer. One thing to notice is that the green stripe on the botttom is not as clearly blended as Rothko’s usual style, but rather very clean and defined. It also has more bands then his usual 2 or 3, this particular painting has 6. With its beautiful and stunning contrasting red green bottom register that captures the eye on its way up to the soul consuming black rectangle before ending with the cheerful violet stripe, Rothko can give an experience to anyone regardless of art taste.

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