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Going retro? how about ANCIENT?!


When walking down the streets of NYC I see fashion of all different cultures and social classes everyday! I see everything from people that are walking art museums to people just like you and me! But I do have to say that this woman in Girl Gathering Saffron Flowers from the Ancient Minoan culture of the island of Crete in Greece has some of the best fashion I have ever seen. From the beautiful blues and reds of the remaining paint and her striking pose in action, this girl has it all. Now one thing that the Minoans did was redesign the human figure (not that other cultures did not but I personally love the Minoan human figure. now this is an unusual figure in the Minoan style because usually Minoans have a small waist and broad shoulders, but this girl seems very well proportioned. The detail of the saffron flowers is impeccable because every stalk and petal can be seen to the normal human eye. Now I love curved lines, and the Minoans are the pros at beautiful curved and fluid lines in their paintings. This lovely lady has a body line that the viewer can view in one fellow swoop from the crown of her head to her feet. This beautiful painting Girl Gathering Saffron flowers will surely catch on in the runways of NYC just give it time!

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