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While crusing around looking for a new topic to post, I came across this little article from the Telegraph newspaper in England. The title that caught my eye was: “Tiny Caravaggio self-portrait revealed by technology”. Now at first I thought this was crazy and strange, and I am still not sure if I believe it or not since the picture they show in the article is kind of fuzzy and out of focus.  But that could also be my bad eyesight! Now the method they used to discover the portrait scares me a little, its called Reflectogrophy. Reflectography takes infared light (kind of like an art X-ray) to look through different layers of paint or past restorations. This is proven to be safe but in my personal opinion, I think that the radiation can take some of the color out and damage the painting just like radiation does to our human skin. But none the less its still a facinating article that is probably overlooked….BUT NOT HERE! Here is the link to the article

I’m curious to know what you think! Do you see the tiny self portrait? How would you have found it if you could search the painting on your own with your own method? Leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments! I cant wait to hear from everyone!

*These are my own personal views and do not reflect those of the Telegraph Newspsper or their employees*


  1. can’t wait to hear from everryone! I thought about the answers to my own questions and here are my answers to get everyone started! after staring at the painting for a while i can see the head and the small but faded features of the portrait but if I had to find it on my own I would have just done cleaning. yep just cleaning, just like they did in the Sistine Chapel and discovered that there were corrections made to it! So I would have done a simple cleaning with a secret type of oil and rubbed off (CAREFULLY!) all the dust and grime that has been covering the portrait for years! Now tell me what you would have done!


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