It’s a snowy day here in Boston!

Return of the Hunters

When I looked out my window this morning I saw snow…lots of snow, and a kid carrying  a snow shovel walking in the blizzard like conditions. Now of course I thought to myself “Oh my this is not going to be a fun day!”, but the weather also reminded me of this painting titled: Return of the Hunters by Brueghel. Now granted this snowy scene is not exactly what it looks like outside my window, but it does have its similarities. But the real thing that made me think of this painting is that it has a subject of everyday people going about their lives in the snow just like us students here at the university. One of the first things the viewer notices about the painting are the strong contrasting colors in the left corner. Bright white snow with the dark nutural colors of the hunters and dogs make it easy for the viewer to distinguish people from objects like rocks or trees. The color palette is for the most part neutural with a few blues and greens thrown in for color. It also has a unique feature for its time which is perspective of going into the painting. This is done by the three trees on the left starting out large and getting smaller as the viewer gets farther away. Return of the Hunters also has “minimalist” qualities to it, using simple shapes and spots and not worrying about the super detail to create people, houses, and animals makes this painting much easier to enjoy on a cold snowy day. So go grab a cup of hot coco or tea or coffee and snuggle up with this magnificent painting Return of the Hunters by Brueghel.

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